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Hi, Prettiest Lady ^^.
How’s your day?
Hope it’s pretty like you.

Do you know Indonesia?
Ya, that my lovely country.

For Indonesian, I’m sure that you knows about Wardah Cosmetics ( because now often appear in TV commercial. :p ). Wardah was one of some local cosmetic products which has a halal cerification from MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia). And I guess it’s an affordable because they have a fairy good price for all items.

For this Exclusive Lipstick IDR 33000 Rupiahs ( arround $ 3.3 US Dolars). I think it’s really affordable price for an exclusive lipstick with so many range colors they have.

So, this is perfect for me as a college student with the limited of budget. Every time I got my time to walk around Departement Store like BIP ( Bandung Indah Plaza ), Ciwalk ( Cihampelas walk ), Griya Pahlawan, and so on .. I always try to make it to their counter and pick some items. And now I becomes Wardah Addict :D :D :D

I also have their skin care ( but still haven’t reviewed by me ) and body care like Wardah Body Butter  ( been reviewed HERE )

And this is it
Wardah Exclusive Lipstick 33 (peach Brown)

The color I got is 33 Peach Brown

Lovely tube with soft green color and silver colored the brand.

The color looks like brown only not a peach brown as the name.


With no flash.

Under the sunlight.

Lip Swatches

My bare lips :D

33 peach brwon (one swatch) with no flash.

33 peach brown (once swatch) under sunlight.

The color as you can see it’s really soft with orange undertone, while the name is Peach Brown, all I see is a peach color only on the lips. But before switch the color is truly brown I see. This color can give me a warm lips color to go to campus everyday.

For the texture, it’s creamy and easy to bland on my lips, but tend to drying my lips. Because my lips are very dry ( especially in the fasting month like this ). This items not have a fake smell which will bother you.

I’m so in love with this beautiful soft color and have no smell. To overcome my dry lips maybe I must to use lipbalm or lipgloss before swatches on my lips.

My bare face without any makeup, except lipstick (/ \)

Repurchase: YES, with different color.

So will you try this brand?
And let me know what you think!!
Have a great day all

The product are purchased by my own money and reviewed by honest. Hope you all like to read my review. J

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  1. i actually didn't know about Wardah until now. it's amazing how affordable they are! they actually look so good on the lips!


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  2. hope this review can inform you so well :)
    i've been in love with wardah since 3years ago because my mom.

    been joined ur great giveaway.
    wish me luck ^^

    thx for ur lovely comment.


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