Saturday, November 24, 2012


Malam teman-teman.

Udah lama ya aku gak ngepost di blog (sorry) karena kesibukan kuliahku dan wifi di kosan-ku yang gak sampai ke kamar ku -______- makanya aku jarang sekali posting.

Tapi, setiap ada kesempatan buka blog lewat handphone dan mengandalkan wifi kampus aku pasti buka blog untuk baca-baca recent updates dari blog-blog di blogroll-ku :)

Dan surprise malam ini aku baca ada giveaway dari my-lovely-sister (beauty blog pertama yang aku temukan dan bisa menginspirasi aku buat bikin blog ini. kalo gak percaya baca aja behind prettiestlady, ada nama my-lovely-sister disitu).

Buat kamu-kamu yang gak mau ketinggalan kamu bisa langsung baca ya postingan dari Kak Ai Ni dan Kak Eve DISINI terus lengkapin deh optional dan mandatory rules nya.
Hadiah gak nanggung-nanggung loh. 
Mendingan kamu-kamu baca langsung di blognya my-lovely-sister biar surprise juga :D
Wish us best of luck ya girls (especially me). hehe

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Halo dearest..
How are you? Long time no see ya..

I was busy with my college assigments and the internet connection at my place was so bad and i lazy to buy credits modem. lol~

about a week ago my new baby from Ayu Damayanti was arrived. I'm so sorry for the late post and maybe the late reply latter. I'm very pleased with the gift (asimetric flowery top), it has a good vintage looking. glad to hear that u want me to be ur best friend :)

and this is some photos of me and the gift taken by my lovely sister

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Good afternoon guys
I will post one picture that i found when i was instagramin' ( i forgot when )

in my opinion this is a quotes picture, see that words 
"TRUST is like a paper once it's crumpled it can't be PERFECT again"
That words are so TRUE.
I wasn't knowingly, but i ever experienced it myself from two differnt sides (right//wrong)
wrong// I've lied to my mother and other people maybe they wouldn't believe me about something else with it.
right// I ever lied to by people who almost 100% i believe and it can't be forgotten though that was forgiven (sounds hypocritical?). Hard to build the trust like that again. *puff

The nature of peoples are difficult to dive.
How long we known each other (3years, 7years, 20years, 24year, etc)
Don't ever waste your belief that you get from someone.
If you ever waste one's belief, then REPENT!

*)all the words are my personal opinion bout these quotes. What's about your opinion?