Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Good afternoon guys
I will post one picture that i found when i was instagramin' ( i forgot when )

in my opinion this is a quotes picture, see that words 
"TRUST is like a paper once it's crumpled it can't be PERFECT again"
That words are so TRUE.
I wasn't knowingly, but i ever experienced it myself from two differnt sides (right//wrong)
wrong// I've lied to my mother and other people maybe they wouldn't believe me about something else with it.
right// I ever lied to by people who almost 100% i believe and it can't be forgotten though that was forgiven (sounds hypocritical?). Hard to build the trust like that again. *puff

The nature of peoples are difficult to dive.
How long we known each other (3years, 7years, 20years, 24year, etc)
Don't ever waste your belief that you get from someone.
If you ever waste one's belief, then REPENT!

*)all the words are my personal opinion bout these quotes. What's about your opinion?

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hai lovelies..
How are you today?
Wish you in a good condition and mood ya :D

I'll tell you that i'm in a bad condition tonight *fiuh >,<  and i have no plan to do in this saturday night, it's bored  i have a verry long long holiday since a mid of July. I think i'm gonna make a quick review post bout my nivea pinkish boost. I bought that 3 weeks ago at Yogya Departement Store - Subang.

It has a very cute packaging with soft pink coloring the tube.

GOOD sides:
-it has SPF 15,
-pink creamy,
-easy to blend on lips,
-quite moisturizing, and
-good covering the dark lip color.

BAD sides:
-will remove after we drink a water,
-the pink color give me a pale lip color, and
-it has a bother smell.

IDR 38000 ( arround US $ 3.8 )


here the picts and swatches.
so sorry for bad pictures.m(_ _)m

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Dream Swatch (st andrews-brown leather strap)

The story of Daniel Wellington began with a meeting on the other side of the world when a friendship emerged between one of the company founders and the man behind the brand name. Daniel Wellington breathes fashion and have a genuine interest when it comes to watches. When Daniel Wellington developed their first collection they have chosen to focus much on the face symmetry to get a thinner casing that is closer to the wrist and thus creates a better feel and a nicer watch. 


vintage, vintage! Daniel Wellington loves vintage, claims and billing with this watch in white pearl and these minimalist bars, its pink gold dial, brown strap and a gold buckle. This is a vintage watch but also a tendency watch for the watch particularity of its dial's size, a 40mm! A real success because the watch instantly wins modernity. Another feature: great finesse in height with only 6mm thick!
A real success, I tell you!
Brown leather strap
Ringcolour: Rose/gold
Clock-face: Eggshellwhite
Movement: Quartz Japan citizen 1L22
Size(diameter): 40mm
Hight of casing: 6mm
Water resistant

resource: www.timefy.com

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Avoila...this our random activity after so much long fasting day. We meet up each other in my grand mother's home. Ya..before this ugly photos are taken we did a eid prayer in Al-Musaadah mousque infront of my grand mother's house. Can you all see our face? is it ugly or not? Haha. We couldn't have any time to meet up   in another day, because we have an extra ordinary daily activity (me as a student college) and so on. These photos taken with my cousin's blackberry and my galaxy, by my little boy in red cloth. So sorry if the resolution are not good enough and many little or a lot of blur due to the focus.


Let's start the new story on the clean white papper, do not do a same mistakes in a years a head. Hope we can meet in another Ramadhan again again and again.

people on these photos:
PhotobucketMy father and Mother in the one frame (photo #9)
Photobucketpolkadot pink top -- Me (Anna Desiana)
Photobucketflowery full dress -- Riri Febriana
Photobucketgray chifon top -- Gina Fauziah
PhotobucketStriped Top -- Ananda Lutfia Rahmatin
PhotobucketRed Top -- Muhammad Diki Riansyah
PhotobucketTrain design Top -- Rizky bawel not ballwel. ok. haha (as 'paling bawel)