Saturday, August 4, 2012

The way to look vintage in daily outfit

and happy fasting for every moeslims around the world..

im gonna write something about vintage style and share some photos i found from most famous search engine.
i dont know you are all, will love my post or not.
it's just for fun and maybe outfit references.

Are you a vintage lover girls??
look some photos bellow !!

black cardigan, dress, black large belt, and flat shoes.
flowery top (inner), black cardigan, shawl, black hat, and boots

red dress, simple black heels, black stocking,
black belt, black bag, and nude hat.

peach long dress, brown hat, sweatter, brown bow wedges,
 and brown vintage  handbag

what do you think abot this?
isn't it lovely?
please tell me what do you think on the comment box bellow.
feel free to write there.

with ♥,


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